My name is Christal and I am the founder of It's Just a Girl Thing NZ.

I am also a Mother, Stepmother, Nana and advocate for all girls especially during the preteen/teenage years as it is an especially difficult time. During my younger years I struggled with issues such as low self-esteem, a fixed mindset, anxiety and a lack of knowledge and can see how this impacted my life .I also saw the struggles my own daughters have had and would do anything to support them in becoming the beautiful angels they were born to be...

Girls today face added pressures thanks to things like Social Media and often place unrealistic expectations on themselves. I am passionate about nurturing who you are, encouraging independence and building confidence while having the freedom to be yourself. It's Just a Girl Thing was inspired by my experiences, beliefs and values.

As a Mother of three daughter's I understand how difficult it can also be for parents. Sometimes we lack confidence or don't know what we can do to help our girls through their teen years. My goal is to support both girls and parents as they navigate these often tricky years. Through Empowerment Packs, Books and links to other resources, I hope to help girls feel confident, prepared and supported as they start the journey toward becoming a woman. This can be a difficult time with hormones and emotions all over the place and I hope that I can help make the journey a little bit easier for both Mum and Daughter. I also encourage bonding between mothers and daughters, in my opinion there is nothing stronger than that bond if it is nurtured properly!

I am planning on starting face to face workshops in the future on a number of topics that are important to girls. If you would like to be e-mailed about these please fill in our contact form. As always reach out if you have any questions and I will get back to you. Stay kind to each other and have an amazing day!