- How to teach your daughter to handle criticism and teasing like a boss.
This short course is free to you from the authors of Raising Girls who like themselves, Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon. Valued at $97 💗 ( FREE online mini course ). Click here

- Endo Warriors Aotearoa is a charity run organisation aimed at promoting education about endometriosis and periods, breaking the stigma around periods, and providing free period products to anyone in need, and spreading awareness about endometriosis. 
They, provide support to all with endo regardless of age, sex, stage or where you at in your journey. We advocate for all and help spread awareness for Endo Warriors, some things we can help with workshops, meetups, helping you understand your rights, and services available in your area.  We are also working in advocacy for period poverty, we believe no one should have to budget to bleed. Click here