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Be You monthly patches


Described as a cooling tingle these groundbreaking patches need to be tried to be believed. An alternative to hot water bottles and heat packs.  

Comes in a pack of 5 and can last up to 12 hours per patch

Can be used at school, at work, travelling, while sleeping. Can be applied on tummy, legs anywhere that causes you pain whenever you need to all day, all night or both.

Dermatologist tested, Not tested on animals, Patches are biodegradable

Natural ingredients( Menthol & Eucalyptus Oil),  released over 12 hours, discreet & comfortable

Directions for use:

  • Dry skin before use. Cut open the foil sachet, remove one of the patches and peel off the protective film from the central cut first! This will let you place it easily before sticking the sides down. ( Be careful when peeling the protective film as the patch can stick to itself.
  • Apply the adhesive side of the patch wherever you want! Front, back, side they're as flexible as you are unique. (When applied on the front, most people find they need to place it lower for them to really make a difference!)
  • Remove gently using warm water( Be You advise taking them off in the shower once the patch has become totally wet and the adhesive has loosened it will be easier to remove)
  • Discard and replace with a new patch as required

Disclaimer: Like anything if it causes you irritation or a rash stop using the patch immediately. Make sure you read the back of the pack before you use  "Be  You" told me that they are good for teens to use however  I would recommend you trying it for yourself first before you buy for your teen so you can test it for yourself. Everyone is different what helps one person may not help another. Also its a new product for me and I have heard some great reviews back but again everyone's different.

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