Beautiful Black Lace Deluxe period packs

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Beautiful Black Lace Deluxe period packs

These cute  black lace packs are great for any young girl to have with them where ever they go. Just in case they get there period🩸when they are at school or out and about. They can be used over and over again. Give your daughter the comfort and safety in knowing that when that time comes she will be prepared. Also included is an information sheet for caregivers, just a little guideline to help understand what’s happening to her through the puberty years and how you may be able to help.💜💕👱‍♀️ 

Included in this period pack is


 1 x Large Wetbag

1 x Small Wetbag

3 x Underwear

6 x Libra Girl pads

1 x Some helpful tips when on your period

1 x Words of kindness positive affirmations card

1 x chocolate (Kapiti chocolate factory)

1 x I am growing up puberty info sheet for teens

1 x Some helpful guidelines for caregivers of teen girls going through puberty.

Don’t wait for it to be too late, prepare her now 💜💕


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