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Self Love Gift Box


When girls go through puberty they often can loose a lot of confidence and self esteem. This beautiful gift box is to remind them to look after themselves and supports periods, hygiene, emotional wellness and self love.

In this Gift box it includes:

1 Period pack
-1 Wet bag
-2 Pairs of underwear
-4 Libra Girl pads
-1 Helpful tips when on your period

1 Chocolate (Kapiti Chocolate Factory)
1 Diary
1 Pen
1 Shampoo
1 Conditioner
1 Roll on deodorant
1 Handmade soap
1 Body sponge
1 Bamboo toothbrush
1 Stress ball
1 Words of kindness affirmations poster
1 pink card to write a special message
1 Gift box
I am growing up puberty information sheet
Some helpful guidelines for parents/caregivers of girls going through puberty

All Gift boxes are made with love by me! 💕

EMPOWER her today! 🎁

Note: This gift box does not contain period underwear they are normal underwear. 

Note: Some items may vary from picture for example underwear colours and diary type.




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